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Bird Is The Word

International Migratory Bird Day! 
Internationally recognized on the Second Saturday of May each year, but celebrated in Alma, Wisconsin, on the first Saturday:
 May 7th, 2022
INTERNATIONAL MIGRATORY BIRD DAY  is a conservation initiative that brings awareness to conserving migratory birds and their habitats throughout the Western Hemisphere of the world. 
When birds migrate between nesting and wintering sites, they don’t just stop anywhere; they rely on a handful of resource-rich and strategically located sites where they increase their body weight as they acquire the energy-rich fat stores needed to fly thousands of miles across continents and oceans. These places are known as stopover sites. Alma, Wisconsin is well known as a stopover site, where birds stop while traveling along The Mississippi Flyway.
Birding by Mini-Train
Morning Train:  7:30 to Noon, warm brat lunch: $40 

Afternoon Train:  1-5pm, no meal: $15

Location:  Tiffany Bottoms State Natural Area
Sponsor:  Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center
For tickets and more information:  
www.wingsoverlama.org or call 608-685-3303
Sorry - trains on May 7th are now full. But seats are available for the morning and afternoon trains on Sept. 24th, 2022.  
Informative Talk about Bluebirds
& Build your own Bird House!
1:30pm @ Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center
Fred Rist will provide information about Bluebirds, including how to create the right habitat in your own backyard. Then he'll guide you through building your very own Bluebird house to take home.Tools available; Fred will provide instructions and lend a hand if needed. Presentatioion free. $20 for materials, if you choose to make a bird house. 
For More Information, visit: