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Fire In The Shire

Fire In The Shire is canceled for 2022

Below is info from 2019; hoping to schedule similar acts for: Saturday, June 10, 2023!



 Fire In The Shire 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

4th Annual Renaissance Festival in Alma, WI 



Food & Drink:  

Pier 4 Cafe, 600 N. Main St.  ~  Shire Shoes: Open-faced sandwich with choice of smoked meats, topped with fries and stout beer cheese sauce. 

Fire & Ice, 303 N. Main St.  ~  Maid Marian Muffins & Robin Hood Roast.

Free Ice Cream to children in costume!

Alma Alfresco Pizzeria, 211 N. Main St. ~ Dragon's Breath Pizza & Mead

Red Ram Saloon, 207 N. Main St. ~ Renaissance Ram Burgers

Bill's Talk of the Town, 107 N. Main St. ~ Beef Sundae

Castlerock Museum, 402 S. Second St. 

~ Burgers & Pulled Pork Sandwiches 

At the Castle, prepared by the Alma Hotel

Alma Hotel, 201 N. Main St. ~  King's Platter and Live Music by Patina, 1:30 to 3:30pm!




  Castle Events:

 ~  Museum Opens at 10:30am  ~  

    Admission: $6 Adults and $4 Students,

       1/2 price for those in period dress;

   weapons must be sheathed & peace tied


9:00am    Meet & Greet at the Alma Hotel with coffee & donuts 

10:00am    Knightly Procession downtown to the Castle!  Parade marshals by the Alma Hotel, heads up Elm Street which turns into Orange Street, and then down 2nd Street to The Castle. 2nd Street will be closed in front of the Museum.

10:15am   Kazimir the Hungry:  

Sword Swallowing & Fire Breathing   


10:40am    Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association:  Longsword demo

11:20am    Clann Tartan:  Non-firing Matchlock Musket

12:00pm   Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association:  Rapier, Dagger, Smallsword demo 

12:40pm   Armor Through The Ages demo

1:20pm     Bardmageddon - Renaissance Music (inside The Castle)

 2:00pm    Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association:  Longsword demo

2:40pm    Clann Tartan:  Pike demo  

 3:20pm    Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association:  Rapier, Dagger, Smallsword demo

 4:00pm    Kazimir the Hungry:  Sword Swallowing & Fire Breathing

 4:15pm    Holy Grail Drawing & Presentation  

 4:20pm    Uptown-on-the-Lakes Morris Dancers  

 5:00pm   Museum Closes

Ongoing at the Castle:  

Medieval Warriors from Clann Tartan and A Life Medieval.  Demonstrations of Traditional Medieval Crafts.



Events in The Shire:  

9:00am   Meet & Greet with coffee and donuts  ~  ALMA HOTEL

10:00am   Knightly Procession from downtown to the  CASTLE

11:00am   Archery for Kids  ~  CITY LOT 

11:30am   Bardmageddon - Renaissance Music  ~  FIRE & ICE GARDENS

12:00pm   Brothers Dymm: Comedy Swordplay  ~  BIG RIVER THEATER

12:30pm   Kazimir the Hungry: Sword Swallowing & Fire Breathing  ~  CITY LOT


1:00pm   Constant State of Confusion:  Jugglers  ~  HOTEL DE VILLE PATIO

1:30pm   Uptown-on-the-Lakes Morris Dancers  ~  CITY LOT

1:30pm   Patina - Celtic Music  ~  ALMA HOTEL

2:00pm   Brothers Dymm:  Comedy Swordplay  ~  BIG RIVER THEATRE 

2:30pm   Kazimir the Hungry:  Sword Swallowing & Fire Breathing  ~  CITY LOT

3:00pm   Constant State of Confusion:  Jugglers  ~  HOTEL DE VILLE PATIO

3:30pm   Uptown-on-the-Lakes Morris Dancers  ~  CITY LOT

4:00pm   Bardmageddon - Renaissance Music  ~  HOTEL DE VILLE PATIO

4:15pm    Holy Grail Drawing  ~  CASTLEROCK MUSEUM

5-7pm    Masquerade Ball with Bardmageddon (addmission $5)  ~  THE BURLINGTON HOTEL & QUILT SHOP


10-5pm   Customes & Accessories  ~  ART & SOUL  

10-5pm   Renaissance Portrait Gallery  ~  BLUEBIRD

10-5pm   Medieval Healer  ~  STUMP TOWN GALLERY

11-9pm   Performances by Robin Hood's Men In Tights  ~  ALFRESCO PIZZERIA

12-2pm   Botanical dyeing, essential oils, Medieval snacks  ~  WHOLE HEART

1-4pm   Face Painting  ~  WINGS OVER ALMA


Traveling Performers:   

Lasa Anahata Tribal Belly Dancers

Fairylight Muse: Roaming Fiddler

The Midwest Renaissance Actors Guild


Search for the Holy Grail:  

Find the “Holy Grail” at participating shops 

for a chance to win the treasured artifact

and 100 Alma Dollars! 

Entries need to be stamped by 8 businesses

and turned in at Castlerock Museum before 4:15pm. 

You must be present to win.




1.  The Burlington Quilt Shop  ~  809 N. Main St. 

2.  Pier 4 Cafe  ~  600 N. Main St.      

3.  Fire & Ice  ~  305 N. Main St.   

4.  Art & Soul  ~  303 N. Main St. 

5.  Alfresco Pizzeria  ~  211 N. Main St. 

6.  Red Ram Saloon  ~  207 N. Main St.                 

7.  Alma Leather  ~  121 N. Main St.   

8.  bluebird  ~  117 N. Main St.           

9.  Wings Over Alma  ~  110 N. Main St.

10.  Water Lily Gifts  ~  111 N. Main St. 

11.  Bill's Talk of The Town  ~  107 N. Main St.

12.  Alma Blooms  ~  105 N. Main St.  

13.  Alma General Store  ~  100 N. Main St.      

14.  Spasha Salon / Two Old Crows  ~  200 S. Main St.

15.  Stump Town Gallery  ~  109 S. Main St.

16.  Whole Heart  ~  323A S. Main St.                    

17.  Junk Market  ~  325 S. Main St.

18.  Napa / River City Parts  ~  314 S. Main St.

19.  The Garden Gate  ~  Yard of 333 S. Main St.

20.  Alma Area Museum  ~  505 S. 2nd St. (1-4pm)





Sponsors & Friends:  

Castlerock Museum would like to thank the Hotel de Ville for co-sponsoring the event.

The Hotel de Ville includes the new Alfresco Pizzeria, next to the Hotel de Ville Patio,

and Fire & Ice, an ice cream and coffee shop, with Secret Gardens,

complete with a castle wall & hobbit hole! 



2019 Brochure:

Fire In The Shire -   

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