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Castlerock Museum


Castlerock Museum

402 S 2nd Street, Alma, Wisconsin 


Friday & Saturday, 1-4pm, year 'round

Sunday, 1-4pm, June - August

Masks & Social Distancing Required.

Limited number of guests allowed at one time.


Castlerock Museum is an arms and armor museum in Alma, Wisconsin, with exhibits that include many time periods in European history. Walk with the warriors of the Western World on a self-guided trip from the days of Rome, through the Dark Ages, the Vikings, the Crusader Knights in chain mail and into the Golden Age of the fully armored Renaissance "Knight in Shining Armor." Watch empires rise and fall, and see how arms and armor adapt to changing times. Hundreds of rare and authentic examples of arms and armor are on display in an easily viewed open wall format rather than in rows of closed cases. Reproductions of famous paintings illustrate how the arms and armors were used and provide the cultural context for each piece. An interpretive display panel is in each exhibit with short and concise illustrated descriptions for those wishing to know more about any of the particular pieces of arms and armor or the art.


About the Founder
 Judge Gary Schlosstein first started collecting when he was ten-years-old with a Civil War musket that he bought at an antique store for three dollars. His passion for ancient and medieval arms and armor began in the early 1980’s, when a friend convinced him to buy several medieval polearms. Over the years, this collection grew leading Gary to establish the nonprofit that is Castlerock Museum as a permanent place to house and display the collection for the public. The museum officially opened its doors in 2011. 


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